Spring Break 2016 – March 12-20

March 10th, 2016 by

All locations closing at 3 pm!

It’s that time of the year again, where Bloomington clears out and feels empty without the hustle and bustle of the academic community.

Accordingly, we adjust our hours and close at all our locations at 3 pm for the whole week, March 12-20. So get your bagels early, and have a good vacation!


Rescuing you from Little 500 and Graduation Stress!

March 8th, 2016 by

So, how can the BBC rescue you? Easy. Let us cater your next event. We specialize in breakfast, lunch and treats. We can make you look like a rock star with minimal effort. We even deliver for free! So, have more time with friends and family by letting us do your work.

Take a moment and fill out this form and we will contact you!

We are at that point in the school year where we all sense that the ‘end is near’! In a few weeks, we will celebrate our annual rite of spring (assuming spring ever arrives) known as the Little 500. Whether students or locals, all of you competing inspire each of us to get fit. And ride bikes! Thank you.

Not long after Little 500, Graduation creeps on us with sadness and celebration! It is always hard to say goodbye to all the friends we have made during their time at IU. For many, it was a quick four, five or even six years! Each goodbye is a celebration to a job well done and a future of opportunity. Plus, we see most of them again at Homecoming! Depending upon the state they are in, they might even remember their visit!

Have a great spring, ride fast and graduate hard!

Turkey Trots 2015

October 2nd, 2015 by

Turkey Trots 2014 Poster

Turkey Trots 2015 Poster

19 Years of BBC!

August 13th, 2015 by

The BBC celebrated it’s 19th anniversary this month. Time flies when you are boiling bagels!

People always ask me how the BBC started. My short answer, “I needed a job!”

The truth is that I always wanted to start my own business. I was the geek in high school that was reading books on how to start your own business (when I wasn’t on my Atari playing Pong or at another marathon session of Dungeons and Dragons). I arrived in Bloomington for graduate school and fell in love with the community. After an unsuccessful foray into my chosen career (yes I was fired in USA Today…for both reasonable and unreasonable reasons), I decided to embrace my dream of entrepreneurship.

I wrote my first business plan and realized the concept I was considering was the path to financial ruin. On a trip home to Buffalo New York, I read a long article in the Buffalo Evening News on how the bagel industry was taking off. Something clicked. I realized my constant complaining about Bloomington not having any real bagels could be solved!

I wrote a quick business plan and realized this actually might work. I got a job working the night shift in a local bakery (do you remember the Daily Grind/Daily Bread?) to see if I could bake for a living. I loved it! I had someone in my life, Will Hays Jr., who believed in me and helped me to finance the start of the Bloomington Bagel Co. I found a kosher bagel store back in New York that would train me to make real bagels that were boiled.

Nineteen years later and I am grateful for the patience and support of my family, friends, coworkers and our community. The most important lesson I have learned is that it takes a village. And by the way, I now play Xbox and Settlers of Cataan. Geeks win.

By the way, my name is Sue Aquila.  You can learn more about my other life as one of the top long course triathletes in my age group in the world.  I blog at www.fewoman.com about training and business.


Heart Attack…Order Yours Today!

February 11th, 2015 by

17 years later and we are still handmaking red heart shape bagels for Valentine’s Day. We recommend you contact us at 812-333-HOLE (4653) to reserve your heart attack today!  We sell out each year!

Need something a little more sweet?  Order or pick up one of our beautifully decorated sugar bombs for the one you love!

Celebrating Singles Awareness Day?  You deserve one too!

Senior Schmear Sponsored by IU Alumni Association

April 12th, 2013 by

The IU Alumni Association with Agency 7 is hosting the 2nd annual Senior Schmear
at the Dunn St. location Bloomington Bagel Co. on Sunday, April 14 from 11 a.m. to
1 p.m. The first 250 seniors to stop by and sign up for the IUAA will receive a free
bagel with cream cheese.

The IU Alumni Association is an alumni network of over 500,000 graduates from
all Indiana University campuses. Benefits of the IUAA include access to the alumni
directory, career coaching and a subscription to the IUAA magazine. The first year of
membership in the IUAA is free, and after, there is the option to renew annually or
purchase a lifetime membership.

Agency 7 is a student-run advertising and public relations agency, operating out
of the Journalism school. This is the second year Agency 7 and the IUAA have
collaborated to put on the bagel event.

Senior Schmear is an event to promote membership in the IUAA, which serves to
keep graduating seniors connected to Indiana University. So Sunday morning, wake
up, bring your friends and enjoy a free bagel!

Bloomington Bagel Co 113 North Dunn St., Bloomington - (812) 333-4653 Bloomington Bagel Co 238 North Morton Street, Bloomington - (812) 349-4653 Bloomington Bagel Co 913 South College Mall Road, Bloomington - (812) 339-4653