Happy 20th BBC Anniversary to our family, friends, staff and guests. It has been an amazing journey. And we are excited to share with you our plans as the journey continues.

We never imagined a successful 20 year run and neither did our equipment. Or the building. In the last year our oven broke, our roof started leaking and the signs became clear that we had outlived the life span of our building.


Starting August 4th, you will find that our Dunn St. store has moved next to Nick’s in the old Panda Express building. Same hours, same food, and same dedication to ‘East Coast Bagels with Midwest’ service. We will be spending the next year at this site as we contribute to urban renewal by tearing down the ugliest building downtown. Yes, you can fix ugly.

The BBC would not be able to start this next chapter without you. When the going has gotten tough, the support of the Bloomington community kept us going. Whether it was the Big Dig, bigoted protestors or tornado like winds, we have persevered together.

We can only imagine what excitement is waiting for us the next 20 years. A little less excitement would be okay too.

You have filled our Hole with love. Thank you from the bottom of our kettle.

We remain ‘Locally Owned and Boiled!”